1 Buck


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zvedrija 1 / 10

Bad acting Bad film.

I was stunned about the high ranking of this movie on IMDb and that's why I had to write something about this film. Usually the rankings are quite correctly applied as for my standards and what I think is correct as for good and bad films. But Not this one. After hardly 10 minutes in the movie I had to quit looking, bad acting,irritating music. Waste of time looking further.

Reviewed by GFilms 10 / 10

Good Concept... Wish It Was Longer

I like films with different moods and to give you an open mind. 1 Buck displays no filters to create a mood for each character's circumstances. Great direction and cinematography and the actors made characters their own. I only wish that this type of movie was a little longer than 88 minutes. Looking forward to future work from this team.

Reviewed by pig-sick 1 / 10

Why on earth has this got such high ratings

Why on earth this has a good score rating I will never no, it was so painful to watch, 90 minutes you will never get back again. There is very little story line, with acting that's I would class as a B movie rating, if you are glutton for punishment then watch it, otherwise give it a wide berth and watch something else, watching paint dry would be more entertaining than this.

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