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Reviewed by slpkrg 6 / 10

Dinner and a Movie and perhaps a Nibble

It's an excellent movie to watch when you have a dinner and a movie date with your partner; for the movie doesn't really demand your continuing focus, so you can take a sip, share a bite and perhaps make out a bit and guess what? You haven't missed a thing, the movie is rolling on its own groggy pace, still at pretty much where you left off. But the joke aside, this is a fine thriller/soft horror by Polish. Great filmography, splendid staging, suggestive lighting and good acting by all. Suspense at every turn without the need of road signs, you know it is crawling in on you, Closer at every tick!! There are cross worlds of movies you feel like you're in, as in Reiner's Misery, as in Amenâbar's The Other's. Miss Bosworth's costume and mannerism is very much of Nicole Kidmans, the cool tempered eerie you-know-something-not-quite-right-but-can't-take-my- eyes-off-her beauty who makes sure the sun stays out and darkness creeps in, along with the door knockers. Later on you see Kate's trivia quipping character transform from Nicole Kidman's loving care into Katie Bates' kind of loving. The ending is quite abrupt and not to the expectation you might've dreamt up to that point but hey, still is a good flick when you're multi tasking. Keep your eyes peeled my friends..

Reviewed by rutarichme 1 / 10

So many holes in the story horrible movie

So many holes in the story. This movie tries so hard to be suspenseful and just fails completely falls flat. Please save yourself some time and don't watch it you will be happy. I thought that with the actors in this movie it would be a decent show... I was so very wrong. Wish I could get back the time I wasted watching this show. Tell your friends to not waste their time. They will thank you. Just does not make sense how things this movie tries to portray could happen. This is not a good story at all. So very flawed. You can see from the other reviews that it is just a waste of a movie and time. I really hope these actors chose a better movie to be in for their next project... wow just bad all the way around.

Reviewed by albereinstein 1 / 10

One of the worst movies ever!

Someone tell what the hell was Kate Bosworth thinking when she took such a role. First let me just say that, the movie was just awful. Kate and Wes are not great actors and to put them together was only a recipe for disaster. The story could have been told a whole lot better if number one, it had a better story premise of kidnapping and two, if the characters were more believable. Bosworth did her best in trying to convince the audience of being some detached and cruel woman who's bitterness and hate was kept behind a phony smile and loving way to Wes who was her husband. But in the end neither character brought enough convincing to their roles leaving me very upset that I burnt more than an hour of my life, watching one of the worst movies ever. Do yourself a favor watch the trailer, and then go watch something else, because this was just awful.

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