Animal Factory


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Mickey Rourke as Jan the Actress
Steve Buscemi as A.R. Hosspack
Edward Furlong as Ron Decker
Willem Dafoe as Earl Copen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andy ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Underrated, but will be enjoyed by few...

Although the DVD cover draws attention to another great prison movie (The ShawShank Redemtion), 'Animal Factory' is actually closer in style and content the equally good 'Midnight Express'. Without revealing the plot, Edward Furlong finds himself in deep trouble and is sent to prison for what emerges to be longer than his crime should permit. Here he meets and is befriended by Willem Defoe's character, the prison gang leader of sorts. Furlong, young, alone and vulnerable finds himself taken under the wing of Defoe, which amongst other benefits's, offers him some security against buggery. All the acting is first class, and the direction is snappy enough to keep the viewer entertained until the films climax. Keep a look out for Mickey Rourke's fantastic cameo, had he been given more screen time he would have stolen the show. A must see.

Reviewed by RJC-4 8 / 10

Watchable, but ludicrous

Buscemi's prison flick is oddly upbeat and shallow for the writer-director of the much better "Trees Lounge." We have a young drug war convict thrown to the wolves, but where is he thrown? This is prison as a place where, if he slinks off whenever trouble starts, a con can avoid most of the worst and shoot up with his pals regularly -- sometimes, courtesy of a kindly prison official! It's the joint as a center of homosexual rape, unless you happen to be doe-eyed, red-lipped 21-year old Edward Furlong, in which case you'll receive all the chaste fatherly ministrations of the skinhead hardass who happens to run your block and desires not your ass but the preservation of your dignity (an intellectual too, he'll even take an interest in your reading, steering you clear of an author who is a known "police state bitch"). These Speilbergian dimensions sit uneasily, to say the least, with the movie's cultivation of a hard edge and undermine what might have been a more honest, less sentimental view of survival.

Verité aside, this wish-fulfillment stuff is watchable for Willem Defoe's determined attempt to wrench more depth from his character than the script can provide. We never find out why such a feared badass is suddenly so caring, and what we witness isn't enough to go on to supply our own convincing answer. Then there is the complete lack of chemistry between the principals; Edward Furlong's rather bland, disaffected character hardly seems compelling enough to risk Defoe's rep or life over. We're hammered thematically with the message that caring means vulnerability, but even teen love stories can tell us that. What's more critical to this context, yet never addressed, is: why bother?

Then there's the real crime. At this moment in U.S. history our prisons are run by private companies who profit blithely from the violence boiling within; outside these pens, the drug war consumes billions of dollars in a fruitless quest. Although it is his premise, Buscemi has nothing to say about this; nothing. In fact, he has less than nothing to say, since his film's impossible sentimentality mocks the reality of the real-life Furlongs thrown daily to real-life wolves.

Yes, it's all beautifully art directed, the cellblocks washed out in harsh institutional light. Mickey Rourke's minor role as a drag queen is weirdly moving, and Tom Arnold's brief appearance as a sexual psychopath has some punch. The soundtrack by John Lurie is edgy and interesting. Just don't come looking for any narrative sense, believable motivation, or much social awareness.

Reviewed by Vogul 8 / 10

Low key but interesting prison drama. Recommended.

Probably the first prison movie I have seen that in no way glorifies prison life. This movie makes it very clear that prison is a dark place and the only people that dwell their are losers not winners (forget the rap music and OZ). There is no good and bad in this prison just those who will make it and those who won't.

The movie follows Edward Furlong; a young drug dealer who is small, skinny and is eyed by every inmate but one (Willem Defoe) as an easy target for rape. I genuinely feared for him and I still shudder to this day over the thought of entering an American prison. However the film does get slow towards the end and it loses its atmosphere once your safe in the knowledge that Edward Furlongs character is well protected by his new friends.

It has to be said though, Mickey Rourke stole the show as a drag queen. One of his best performances. A must see.

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