Complete Unknown


Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Rachel Weisz as Alice Manning
Kathy Bates as Nina
Danny Glover as Roger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by korie-prince 8 / 10

Another beautiful and subtle performance by Rachel Wiesz

I gave this film a 8/10. The film overall wasn't particularly special. At least the visuals anyway but that wasn't really the point was it? This was plain and simple a character study. Complete Unknown is about Rachel Wiesz's "Alice", the choices she makes and how those choices ripple out and affect those that happen into her life..or lives.

Unlike some other reviewers I very much enjoyed the film with an emphasis on Rachel Wiesz. She's been my favorite actress for as long as I can remember and this film just reminds me why. She does so little and yet she is so powerful. There is so much behind those eyes. With just a look or slightest gesture the depth of this woman becomes so clear. Wiesz possesses the kind of talent that cannot be taught. It's both innate and at the same time acquired through real life experiences...through truly living life.

Another reason I connected with this film is because I myself have changed lives...Not to the extremes that Alice has. But I have very much grown tired of the way things were and simply picked up and left to start again. So Alice very much struck a chord with me.

The film isn't fast paced with any crazy twists and turns. Its very simply a study of a human being. But a very fascinating human being.

Reviewed by Filler Ruth 3 / 10

An example of disappointment.....Poorly written screenplay and weak story line will be bore you a lot

Rachel Weisz is one of the most talented English actresses and Michael Shannon is one of the most underrated but very good actors. When these two comes together as co-star, I thought this will be a very good drama movie. The trailer and the premises are and thought this will be another Rachel Weisz classic like "The Constant Gardener", "The Fountain", "Agora", and "The Lobster". This is not a typical storyline and I am not telling this is not a good movie but if you saw the previous drama movie of Rachel Weisz, this is definitely a poor film.

I know Joshua Marston is a good director for drama movie and he directed some good TV drama. But this movie is a complete mismatch of the story and the telling style. The screenplay was very poorly written and the story has also plot holes. This is a drama movie and the pace is almost nothing. The whole plot was rounding one specific character(I am not telling the storyline or not giving any spoiler), the dialogues are very choppy and widely not presentative for a slow paced drama movie. CHaracer development is very sluggish and it is completely understood that the lazy screenplay also harmed the character's maturity.

Joshua Marston's direction is not so bad but he didn't find the right combination for the character's chemistry and the movie completely failed to create the sympathy or the emotions for the characters. Editing is not so good and the cast has not done a good job for their roles except Rachel Weisz. She is the one and only plus point of this movie. She has done an outstanding job for the role of Alice Manning. She has a perfect emotion and her dialogue delivery was very good and maybe she is the perfect choice for the role.

Overall I gave it 3 stars only for Rachel Weisz and if the screenplay, script, and the chemistry between the characters did good then the movie would be a good example.

Reviewed by drhall-672-138129 3 / 10

Long Short Story

Spoiler: This female quick change character artist is intriguing but the story becomes quickly stale and boring, as The story dissolves like a snowman as the plot rambles on. Spoiler: Like a bird in flight never landing. The story plot offers a talented person, who returns to earlier romance, fifteen years after walking away. Then, finding no (surprise) warm enchanted welcome from her previous significant other, leaves again. The conclusion comes as the girl prepares to leave after wallowing around explaining her past and revealing her present living and working situation.

Really? This would make a terrific short story, a quick character study then again, who cares?

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