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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mahendra Vishwakarma 6 / 10

Another Movie on Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is a dark and sensitive topic. The movie is about the same faced by Korean origins living in states. A African American girl living in a shady neighborhood is emotionally attached to Korean friends and thinks of them as family. The girl's family are hostile against the Korean guys. The movie revolves around day today difficulties & racial abuse faced by them by different origin of Americans. The struggle of the Korean guys and black girl has been nicely portrayed. The ending of the movie is dark.

Reviewed by Lugo1989 8 / 10

Tragic story from a rough place and time

I believe Gook should not be overlooked. It is a film that will not leave you cold-hearted no matter what you think of it. It is set in Paramount, 1992 just before and during the riots in South Central, Los Angeles. The storyline is very simple but it never loses momentum or becomes dull. Not many films show what it was like there during those rough times since we so often only see the glamorous side of the city presented to us by the film industry. But not everything was and is always sunny in California.

The riots were fueled by the anger of people that the justice system failed. Some might say that there are too many stereotypes presented in the film whereas I think its goal was to depict to what extremes things can go where people find themselves stuck in a place that rarely offers an escape into brighter future and others only see them as lost causes and are left on their own. You can find good and bad people everywhere but unfortunately not everyone are equal which might cloud someone's perception of things.

I would recommended it if you are looking for something different, very well acted and gripping. The direction is good and the film works well in black and white. Do not read too many reviews prior to watching it, I think it stays more fresh that way..

Reviewed by chemothephoenixcat 10 / 10

Best film of 2017

Justin Chon amazing stuff man. David So amazing actor hope to see a lot more of you guys. Brilliant movie about a turbulent time, you have brought to light the Korean shop owner plight during that period. I don't understand the critics who are willing to drop below nine out of ten, possibly never watched the same film!! Well done arguably the best film of 2017.. thank you

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