It Happened to Jane



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Doris Day as Jane Osgood
Jack Lemmon as George Denham
Mary Wickes as Matilda Runyon
Betsy Palmer as Betsy Palmer - Panelist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

General Bullmoose meets The Lobster Lady

It Happened to Jane presents Doris Day as a woman on a mission. She's inherited a lobster business from her late husband and due to some cost cutting on the railroad that President Ernie Kovacs has put through, her lobsters were dead on arrival at their destination.

I'd be burned up as well and Doris and lawyer Jack Lemmon sue the railroad. They win a nominal sum, but that ain't good enough. They both carry on the fight and she becomes a media star. Kind of like a Fifties version of Erin Brockovich.

Of course all of this is done at the incredible stupidity and abominable sense of public relations that Ernie Kovacs has. His character is yet another version of Al Capp's General Bullmoose. And that character was a satire on Eisenhower's first Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson. Wilson at his confirmation hearings uttered that never to be forgotten phrase that he had always operated on the principle that what was good for General Motors was good for the USA. Wilson was a fatuous sort of gent, just like Ernie Kovacs here. I'd have to say Kovacs was having a whale of a good time in this part.

The movie had some nice location shooting which definitely helped. And I completely agree with the previous reviewer who said that Lemmon and Day meshed nicely together as a team. It is a pity they weren't ever teamed again.

A favorite character part in the film for me is Russ Brown who plays Day's uncle and a former railroad engineer, a fact that comes in handy during the climax of the film.

It's a nice family film, but it also gets in a few good satirical shots at American business types.

Reviewed by Gary747 10 / 10

The Unlisted Star of the Film

"It Happened to Jane" might have deserved a better title, as this one hardy reflects the nature of this great family picture. Be that as it may, many engineers and technical types would argue that one of the main stars of the film is the TRAIN. The demise of steam power and the production of this movie coincided in time, and thus, "It Happened to Jane" provides one of the last images of steam on the mainline system. Like the TV show "Petticoat Junction", the train becomes central to much of the theme. Doris Day and Jack Lemmon make the story entertaining, but without the train, there would be no movie.

A Doris Day classic, this film is fun!

At the time of this review (3-3-01), a VHS or DVD version of this movie was not available. When (if) it does get released, I'm buying it.

Reviewed by sobaok ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Wonderful Team Effort By Doris Day and Jack Lemmon

After watching this film several times -- one wonders why the natural talents of Doris Day and Jack Lemmon weren't paired more often. Their totally believable portrayals really hold the viewer -- one can't overlook the fact that these two were at the top when it came to natural talent on the screen. Day's fight with railroad magnate (Ernie Kovaks fits his role like an old shoe) brings to the fore "corporate/community greed" vs. "human rights" as the townfolk and eventually the "nation" get behind Doris' quest to save her lobster business in Maine. The humor is mixed with some thought-provoking questions. In 2001, the film is almost a glimpse at the last vestage of the "town hall meeting" government. The supporting cast is fine (Mary Wickes, in particular adds great comic touch) -- but it's Day and Lemmon together that make this film a must see.

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