Khali the Killer


Crime / Drama

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Richard Cabral as Khali
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loritalk4 1 / 10

A mess

He's a hit-man. He's suppose to be a culinary master, but his kitchen is empty. He's suppose to be Latino, but he doesn't speak Spanish. Terribly written and with a fake 70's style that is grating and laughable.

Obviously written and directed by someone who doesn't know anything about Latinos. Pathetic.

Reviewed by beckyboop-58701 10 / 10

Great Film

Khali Killer was a great movie. Richard Cabral fit his role and made role come to life on the screen. The plot took you into different directions. The music took me back to the days of Spaghetti Western's. Personally reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film. What a talented cast and director.

Reviewed by blueknowser 8 / 10

Not your typical hit man film and that's a good thing!

The title was a bit misleading but I really liked where this film went. Richard Cabral played Khali beautifully and with a really convincing passion and frustration. An ex East LA gang member gone solo who doesn't speak Spanish but knows lot's of Spanish phrases as pick up lines. Corina Calderon is also very talented, beautiful and convincing in her role as the ex and current love and co-motivator. Khalis grandmother is also his motivation. There is a certain level of both humour and desperation in all of the main characters throughout the film. The male nurse and the grandmother in particular stand out for some likable absurdities. Like the title, the opening scene would lead you to expect a slightly higher level of hit man skill and less vulnerability from Khali than transpires but it all seems to work in the end. Overall while a bit slow burning the film left me smiling and wanting to see a lot more of the characters. Definitely a film worth watching

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