Killing Ground


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by songod-95003 6 / 10

It Almost Made It!

I give this a six because honestly I had planned on giving it an eight. That is up until the end. I won't give it away, of course, but simply saying here it is the reason for a two point drop in rating pretty much says I feel it seriously damaged the film.

Now this may be my opinion only. May be my pet peeve, actually. Back when IMDb had a forum I would rant often about the current trend in movies to have such endings as this, and thankfully found I was not alone in my dislike.

What about the rest? Very suspenseful film making with a unique twist to what would otherwise be another "Deliverance" meets "Wolf Creek" psychos in the wilderness tale. The time anomalies were at first hard to grasp but once grasped became compelling (two time lines between two sets of characters yet you are not aware of the time disparity till, well, you become obviously aware that these people are not in the same time though are in the same place). Once everything catches up and the story is happening in the same time frame the film continues to be hectic, surprising, and nerve racking.

The performances all around were good. No sour notes or bad actors among them.

So what bothered me? Well... like I said, the end. There wasn't one. Not a proper one anyway. The fate of one character is never addressed, just left hanging, and the two main characters never have that conversation that they so desperately needed to have and share with us! The film simply went to a blackout. And so like the fate of that hanging character, we the audience are left hanging. At least I was.

The lack of proper denouement in current film is to me a sign that writers and directors simply have no idea how to end their projects; and so they don't, chalking it all up to "art". It isn't art it is laziness. That or poor education.

This film could have been a classic.

Reviewed by jackcwelch23 4 / 10

A well shot but pointless and forgettable torture fest

Aaron Pederson came off Mystery Road and Goldstone for....this? He should be hitting Hollywood with his talent, but instead he'll settle for a script with little originality or imagination, and fellow great actors wasting their talents. Harriet Dyer is a terrific performer and has shown her charisma on the shows No Activity and The Other Guy, but is only required to be frightened wife captured by a maniac here, big boost into cinema that one is. Aaron Glenane is a convincing psychopath, but his and Pederson's characters are given no motivation or explanation for killing, they just do it for a laugh it seems. The only praise this deserves is for its beautiful cinematography, given the proper cinematic look with a proper film camera and lenses, rather than the grainy fly on the wall style that outstayed its welcome years back. Shows off the amazing countryside but then again does little with it but put in a hackneyed story and boring characters. Another miss for Aussie film. Except for people who love watching people get shot in the head.

Reviewed by Flow 5 / 10


From what I've noticed, horror has been divided in too many subcategories. We have gore, torture porn, dark thrillers and so on. The French do most of the gore as clearly they missed the mark for a true scary story. Of course there are some better examples like Haute Tension or Martyrs for some, but they still include a lot of blood and violence. Spain makes brilliant thrillers, just lovely, superb stories that rarely manage to scare but intrigue more than anything.

An Aussie horror is mainly represented by some lost campers somewhere that are about to be tortured by some crazy hillbillies. I've seen this story so many times, that it turned into nothing short but boredom for me. I won't say Killing Ground is a bad movie, far from it, but it has been made a lot of times before. Storm Warning, Wolf Creek, Timber Falls, Eden Lake, Turistas and so many that turned the formula into a cliché by now. It's like seeing another zombie movie, you know what you are about to watch and expect right?

So if you want to watch another add-on of this type, go ahead, it will deliver perhaps slightly better. I'm ready for something different tho.


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