October Gale


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Tim Roth as Tom
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Scott Speedman as William
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Danbro_Marlon 3 / 10

Very slow and very disappointing and not a whole lot more

I was wondering why this movie with a such a good cast like Patricia Clarkson, Scott Speedman and Tim Roth managed to have a mere 5.1/10 (current rating when writing this review)

But when I started watching it, it started to make sense

In the first half hardly nothing of substance happens and there are plenty of everyday scenes of Patricia Clarkson reading a book or remembering a romantic moment with her husband or fixing with the wood- pile for the fireplace and stuff like that with very little dialogue as she's by herself in the beginning

Tim Roth doesn't show up until the last 20 minutes, he's supposed to be menacing but comes off as bored

The plot itself also doesn't make a lot of sense to me, it's extremely simple really but the characters relations to one each other are daftly written, and it's boring, extremely slow and could have easily been cut down 30 minutes and you wouldn't have missed anything

Reviewed by Rich Wright 4 / 10

More of a nondescript breeze, actually...

October Gale is a VERY apt name for this film. Like the wind, it blows briefly... And then is gone from the memory for good, leaving behind no trace it was ever there. At least the last film I reviewed, as irredeemably dreadful as it was, gave me something to talk about. This one sets up the most minor of conflicts, and proceeds to follow it to the most predictable outcome... All the while, dwelling on uninteresting scenes to pad out the length to 90 minutes, and giving us a romance/friendship which fails to convince on any level.

After finding this gunshot wound victim on her estate on her island, the heroine is nowhere near a hospital and lacks the requisite supplies to treat him. So, leaving him ALONE... She gallivants off to buy what she needs from the mainland. This is just the start of many risks she takes with this stranger, who for all she knows could be a murderer. Yet, within a few days from being at death's door, he's up and about... Saving her life after she accidentally falling into the sea and exchanging stories with her about each other's 'dark pasts'. She's just lost her husband (As we're constantly reminded through tiresome flashbacks) and he's on the run after killing his adopted brother. Gripping. NOT. 60 minutes of brainless fluff ensues.

Things get a LITTLE (In the mildest sense of the word) more interesting when the bloke's dad turns up to AVENGE HIS REAL CHILD, and we think we're going to get a bit of action. No such luck. More talking, more walking-around-in-the-dark-not-doing-very-much, and the most obvious of conclusions. YAWN. It all feels like a placeholder for another film, one with proper characters, not these off-the-shelf one-dimensional cyphers. When you've found it, can I watch that one instead, Pls? 4/10

Reviewed by Yellow Power 10 / 10

Art majors, get your paint brushes ready!

An injured Adonis turns up at the doorstep of a beautiful older widow. Sounds cute, right? Well it is. This movie is meant for an older crowd (I'd say 30+), because there is not much action or activity. It's a gloomy movie, about people who are grieving over their respective tragedies. Nevertheless, it is very artistically done. There are so many beautiful views in this movie that around 88% of the scenes would make expensive paintings. I assume that the low rating has to do with how slow the movie feels to those who require acrobats and car explosions. October Gale doesn't have those visual effects because it is realistic fiction that was meant to be artsy and romantic. I highly recommend this movie to art majors and professors.

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