Patti Cake$


Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 4991


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 8 / 10

Surprisingly good underdog rap movie

This was a genuine surprise. With so many films that deal with such an underdog story, it kind of felt like they were just tweaking things to make it original when I first heard about it. But it was much better than I hoped. A struggling overweight white female trying to be a rapper didn't interest me much but it's how the characters and situations are written that makes it so engaging and fresh. Also, the director having experience with music videos, seems to know how to pick songs. Keeping blues and rap side by side and a stunning finale song. Danielle Macdonald has given one of the best performance of the year. Still, the familiar tropes and some obvious parallels to other films are the minor drawbacks here.

Reviewed by Stephen Black 8 / 10

Didn't expect much, walked away very surprised in a great way.

What a shocker! I didn't think I would enjoy this but had time to kill. I was impressed enough to post a review, which I never do. The characters pulled me in and really made me feel something. Make me feel something, angry, sad, happy, scared, confused, anything. A good movie (for me) takes me away from my life and lets me see the world through others eyes for an hour and a half. This is not a prospective I would ever have imagined I would enjoy but I did. By the end of the movie I was rooting for Pati and her friends. I really felt vested in what I was seeing all a while through their eyes. Great acting, great story, great idea all around. Watching this movie was time well spend. Kudos!

Reviewed by jaeger-94761 9 / 10

Loved it!

The 6.1 average is in my point of view very underrated for this movie. All the characters spoke to me and touched me. It's a great plot, great cast, great movie and amazing Patti. I couldn't believe she had to learn to rap for the movie. I loved her raps!! I really recommend this movie to anyone who have a heart for the underdogs.

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