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Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lucabrasisleeps 4 / 10

Highly disappointed

This is clearly not a horror movie. Well, at least not the kind of horror movie that I am used to. I have heard about slow burn movies but what about movies which don't have a payoff at all? The Micky character..Jeez, what a whiner! I was expecting him to just run away in the end and leave his friend to be eaten or something like that. Why not, at least give a shocking ending in the end. Give me something. I didn't just spend 100 minutes to see a lot of arguments and songs. And why are there so many songs? Is this Bollywood? And even a dance. I was rolling my eyes at the dancing and the annoying songs in the middle which spoil any sort of atmosphere they want to build. I guess they can pad the run time by including all these songs.

At the hour mark, suddenly I was curious about what is going on. I thought that this is the time the movie perks up. Something like Dead man's shoes or something. I was getting ready for the second half. Instead I get another long sequence in the car with a bunch of songs and the guys playing around. And the zombies? These must be the most useless zombies ever.

What about the Orchard? I didn't really care much but the way they built it, I was expecting something towards the end. That is fine but at least don't bore me by showing them brush their teeth and play baseball and all. A few kills would not interrupt whatever nonsense these two were doing.

I did laugh at a few points. It is not totally boring if you don't expect a horror movie. But even then, I couldn't stand that Micky character and I was getting a little tired of the unnecessary songs. Edit out the songs, expand on the Orchard and voila - there is a decent movie. Maybe not a horror movie but something good. Some points for some interesting scenes. Masturbating at a zombie and all. I think my problem was that I expected a straight forward serious horror movie. A rare commodity these days.


Reviewed by radhrh 3 / 10

Bored me to death

This is a zombie movie pure and simple. Don't try and call it a drama or a character study or what ever else the pseuds would have you believe. It has zombies in it and therefore it is a zombie movie and as such it should be compared and judged next to other movies of the same genre. By this yardstick it is painfully slow, there are relatively few scenes with zombies in them and the zombies themselves are pretty rubbish. There are a couple of good scenes, a few good ideas and surprisingly a few good laughs as well. But most of the time, like 90% of the time, we are stuck with the same two guys hanging out together, roaming aimlessly from one part of nowhere to the next, having dull conversations and smoking a hell of a lot of fags, all accompanied by a pretty dreary soundtrack. The film runs for 96 minutes, not including the credits but the ground covered in it could easily have been explored ( and very thoroughly explored at that ) in 60 minutes. Hats off to the guys for trying to do something different, it very nearly works in parts but there are just too many empty spaces in the film, too much nothing, too much nowhere...

Reviewed by JvH48 9 / 10

Zombie film but very unlike the usual blood&gore. Rather studying two different characters coping in a hostile environment. With humor as a secret ingredient

I saw this film at the Imagine film festival 2013 in Amsterdam. The festival website labeled it as Horror, but the IMDb website rightly adds the Drama label as well, the latter better describing the essence of the story. There is no real plot, other than the zombie plague that apparently is spreading. We are left in the dark how and why this came about. The number of zombies in sight is kept to a minimum, being not really important for the story, only needed as entourage creating the circumstances in which the two men have to survive. The few humans they encounter on their journey are hostile on average, only trying to survive like our two main characters. Meanwhile they talk about lost relatives, family members, and (of course) former girl friends whose fate is uncertain.

We see two very different characters, formerly working together as a so-called Battery (a catcher and pitcher couple in baseball), roaming from place to place, eating canned food, using empty houses for shelter when available (after being checked for zombies, and swept clear of it when needed), but otherwise having nothing useful to do other than practicing and quibbling. Their interaction is the real subject of this film, and keeps us interested for the whole 101 minutes running time. The secret ingredient is the humor that is interwoven throughout, and their differences in coping behavior.

The long final scene in the confines of a car is unique. From the Q&A after the screening we learned that it was even 17 minutes long originally, later cut down to 11 minutes, but still stretching the patience of contemporary viewers. But it worked: wondering how this would come to an end (and which end?) kept us alive and prevented a walk out. Unique for the film as a whole is that it adds humanity to the zombie category (a takeaway quote from the Q&A). It shows that it is not always needed to have an abundance of blood&gore in a horror movie to keep us interested. Apparently, this story works as a vehicle to let us think about what might happen when our way-of-life is turned upside-down. How will I cope in such circumstances??

Of course, the post-apocalypse situation always gives rise to questions: where to find petrol (out of stranded cars??), bullets (how to obtain??), and batteries. They burn a lot of the latter, e.g. the walkie-talkies took 4 each, and the continuous use of a discman is utterly irresponsible. But all of that may be wrong questions to ask, especially in this movie that tries to be different and succeeds very well in that, so we really should not be bickering about such tiny details.

All in all, I was very satisfied to put this film on my "must see" list, regardless of the synopsis not sounding that much interesting. But it worked out very well for me, after all, as can be derived from above paragraphs. I scored a maximum (excellent) for the audience award when leaving the theater. As of today, this film ended second (score 8.43) on the audience award listing, so I'm not alone in this.

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