The Delta Force


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Liam Neeson as Delta Force Member
Robert Vaughn as Gen. Woodbridge
Chuck Norris as Maj. Scott McCoy
Lee Marvin as Col. Nick Alexander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

"Take 'Em Down"

The Delta Force proved to be Lee Marvin's final motion picture and a timely one at that. Don't expect any answers to the complex geopolitical problems that are the Middle East, the film has just one answer in dealing with terrorists.

Marvin got second billed to Chuck Norris who was probably at his height as an action star when The Delta Force was made. Marvin is commander and Norris his executive officer of the United States Army's elite Delta Force called in to deal with problems like this hijacking when they arise.

Some Moslem terrorists hijack an American airliner leaving from Athens and do the things that terrorists are known to do. There are a large contingent of Jews on the plane and they look a lot like Hollywood celebrities such as Joey Bishop, Laine Kazan, Martin Balsam, Shelley Winters. One of the passengers is Catholic priest George Kennedy who plays, I kid you not, Father O'Malley. No, he doesn't sing Too-Ra-Loo- Ra-Loo-Ral, but he's a priest with the right stuff nonetheless. His is my favorite performance in the film.

The terrorists are led by Robert Forster and they do prove to be a resourceful group of fanatics, but still no match for The Delta Force.

Of course the film is simplistic, but sometimes the simple answers are the right ones. A lot of people have trouble wrapping their minds around the concept of evil. Make no mistake, the terrorists are evil and at a certain point there is only one thing to do with them.

Which The Delta Force does with zest and abandon.

Reviewed by mattcarey10 10 / 10

Norris' best Golan-Globus effort

A classic 80's action film, with a mind blowing cast. Definitely Chuck Norris's best film, and maybe his best performance. I think the fact that he was working with such a big cast, his performance was rather inspired, the actors probably would've given him tips to make his acting better maybe. Lee Marvin's last film, but a film u will always remember him by. Good to see other famous old timers like martin balsam, Shelley winters, George Kennedy and Robert Vaughn. Robert Forster is suburb as the villain of the film. Steve James is also one of the greats, who sadly died, 7 years after the film. Its got a great background score, that although at times is repetitive, is never annoying and always raises spirits. In a way a think the film is a tribute to Lee Marvin, he is a class act at playing tough guys, and his final performance of his life, shows that. The final seen where they arrive back in Israel, is very emotional and when u see the friendship between Norris and Marvin as they take off, and then u have the classic music to go with it. An All time classic.

Reviewed by paul_pooty 7 / 10

Breaks too many Hollywood rules to have a chance with most critics

Many here have called the Delta Force silly jingoistic propaganda, naive, mindless, one-sided, etc. Showing American soldiers beating the bad guys and freeing the oppressed is frowned upon in artsy filmloving circles, and I can appreciate that point of view. So why do the same people who call the Delta Force stupid garbage jump for joy at Tom Hanks or Dustin Hoffman drooling and babbling in Forrest Gump/Rain Man (which prefers insulting the mentally handicapped rather than illuminating their plight)? Or cheer endlessly at Hilary Swank dully portraying tomboys? Clint Eastwood was sneered at by the AMPAS and Hollywood Left for his adventurous westerns until he gradually weaned himself towards antiwar themes and finally, feminist euthanasia (???!!!) Some surprise that Chuck Norris karateying PLO hijackers with the help of Israeli commandos and Lee Marvin wasn't warmly received by the media and academia. To sum up, the key rules of the Limousine Liberals that the Delta Force violates is:

1. Movies about terrorists are perfectly acceptable as long as they're not from the Middle East. So that leaves the no less evil but somewhat rarer Tim McVeigh and Neo Nazi Skinheads breed.

2. If rule #1 is for any reason violated, at least communicate to viewers the legitimate grievances of the insurgents, rebels, guerillas, freedom fighters (never "terrorists"). See the episode of the West Wing immediately following 9/11--in which schoolchildren are told that the Arab street is basically a counterpart to American inner-city ghettos where teens are drawn to gangs because of the sense of pride and inclusion they provide amidst a place of poverty and racial injustice--for reference.

3. It will be a wonderful day when schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold a bake sale to buy motorcycles with hellfire missiles and rearward-firing mortars.

4. For every 2 minutes of martial arts action, at least 1/2 hour must be devoted to preaching nonviolence and respect for law and order. Or only 15 minutes if in the form of a Miyagi-style oriental wisdom scene. Norris finally got the message by Walker, Texas Ranger.

Not that this film is totally without appealing elements to those who didn't vote for Bush/Cheney or Ariel Sharon. An especially blue-state friendly cast was prominent in several of the passenger sequences, which one IMDb reviewer amusingly described as an episode of the Love Boat gone terribly wrong. I myself was waiting for Gopher to pop out at any moment! My girlfriend and I have a deal where for every 80s macho movie she sits through, I have to watch 1 hour of Lifetime, 1 episode of Gilmore Girls, and her Friday night movie pick, usually something with Meryl Streep or Sally Field. I'm still deciding which is worse, that or being hijacked by Abdul and Mustafa!

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