The Healer


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Jorge Garcia as Father Malloy
Jonathan Pryce as Raymond Heacock
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Alec Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

We take fun seriously

Alec (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has not achieved much in his life as he approaches the age of thirty. An uncle he doesn't know offers to pay his debts if he spends a year in Nova Scotia. Reluctantly Alec accepts and becomes a healer, a gift he doesn't want. Add a romantic element and a little girl with terminal cancer and you have the story.

The film starts out whimsical and stops short from getting too heavy or too religious. Worth a view, especially if you like Lifetime type films.

Guide: No swearing or nudity. Implied sex.

Reviewed by Altruist 5 / 10

Main character unlikable

Two problems with the main character that makes the movie too irritating to recommend to others.

1. The affectation of permanent beard stubble. Oh, I'm too busy to shave today. Well, obviously you're not too busy to cut it to stubble length every day. These homeless-look people always come with additional inferior traits.

2. Low IQ.

Reviewed by meyuk 9 / 10

Life needs a little magic

This is one of those films that exists to give us a light-hearted look at life.

It has all the ingredients of a story that gets you nodding in agreement, shaking your head in annoyance and smiling at the feel-good sections.

You may also feel your eyes filling up at times because the mix draws you in and pulls at your emotions.

So, settle down comfortably, get a box of tissues just in case, and enjoy a movie that has some mystery, a 'not so bad' baddie, minimal sex, no swearing and a fairy tale story line.

Well worth a viewing.

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