This Is Your Death



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James Franco as Male Host
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Melissa Mendelson 10 / 10

Peeling Back The Layers of Society

We turn our blinders on to the ugliness of this world for there is so much ugliness. The news is a barrage of horrific tales. The internet is infinite with fact and fiction. Games and Apps claim our minds, throwing the white wool over our eyes to distract us, but the scars remain. And we are angry. We are hurt, broken, and mortified at the society that we live in today, and we want escape, an outlet to take us away. But the golden age of television is long dead and burnt to an ugly crisp, and Reality Television is king, shedding light on corners of life that maybe are better never to be known at all. But we got a taste for it now.

Our attention spans have shrunken down to the size of dimes, and we may only remember yesterday. But days long ago, ugly videos have crept across the internet, showing horrific scenes of death. In the late nineties, there was a series called, Faces of Death, and even Saddam Hussein's execution was live and viral. Some of us didn't turn away. We watched instead as the lights went out and blood was shed, and maybe we even told ourselves that this was entertainment. But how hard have we fallen to become primal once again, bent on other people's misery and even their death?

The sad truth is that we are numb to misery and death. It is no longer fiction. It is entertainment from shows such as Scare Tactics to Ridiculousness to Law & Order True Crime. We have a taste for it. We need it to forget our own ugliness, our own scars and lose ourselves in the lives of others, but what if those others took their lives right before us? Would we look away? Would we feel something, or would we want more, maybe even believing that their death would be justified by a kind deed or promise of a better future? But what kind of future awaits us, if we treat death as nothing but a circus act? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, a hard lesson learned for one, who has spun death around and around like a wheel of fortune, only to have it stop on another's fate, but in the face of death, he could not let go. And in that sacrifice for life did our numbness break for we are not barbarians. We are human, and we feel. And we hate to feel for there is too much ugliness to this life, but sometimes, we need a strong dose of reality to bring us back from the brink. And like with Disconnect and Trust comes The Show, another blunt movie to peel back the layers of society and make us question who we are.

Reviewed by davejhawkes 1 / 10

No soul in this movie, terrible straight to DVD!

OK, so I read the IMDb 6.2 reviews and saw the trailer and decided to watch this film....wish I had sat and watched paint dry for 2 hours. This movie is terrible. Poor script, low budget and cheesy. It does not deserve a 6.2 rating, very disappointing and a wast of time and money. AVOID!

Reviewed by Eggbap 1 / 10

Utter garbage

If you found this film "thought provoking" and "multi-layered" then I feel sorry for you.

I was hoping for a well acted, well done take on reality TV but after the first 15 minutes is was clear that none of the above can be said about this film.

I felt embarrassed for those involved. Famke Janssen (Once Upon a Time in Venice, Blacklist / Redemption, X-Men) James Franco (Why Him? Burn Country, 127 Hours, Spider-Man 3) Josh Duhamel (Several Transformers) Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break, Colony, Walking Dead)

It felt like they had just finished high school drama, amazingly dismal.

Several great actors with many MANY great roles behind them, I can only presume they were blackmailed into doing this project.

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