We Are Still Here


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 13947


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Lisa Marie as May Lewis
Barbara Crampton as Anne Sacchetti
Larry Fessenden as Jacob Lewis
Monte Markham as Dave McCabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by begob 3 / 10

Mysteriously good metascore

Middle aged couple grieving the recent loss of their son move into a remote house, and find themselves caught between the evil in the basement and the nutters from the local town.

Swimming against the tide, I know, but I found this really poor. It opens with nice shots of the snowy landscape, then a couple driving to a destination - standard horror opening, but the dialogue has nothing. If you want to see how it's done with skill and imagination watch From the Dark (2014). We get to the destination, and it's '70s anti-colour co-ordination as the couple meets another middle aged couple, and the dialogue still has nothing.

It's about couples really - I think there are 5, if you include the basement dwellers. But the script does nothing with it. Satire of '70s swingers? No. Surely then it has a coherent, satisfying story? No. Ah, but it references '70s horror and has some cheesy gore. OK, but pfff.

Lots of sound-based attempts at jump scares. Feeble CGI. The ghosts look like they wandered off the set of The Fog.

Overall, bunch of middle aged actors get caught in juvenile misdemeanor. Community service all round.

ps. from the Ebert review: "Full disclosure: Mr. G. has a day job as a New-York-based movie publicist, and I've had friendly and rewarding exchanges with him in that context."

Reviewed by ApproximatelyHandsome 4 / 10

TheManWhoFellFrom1983's Review

I gave this a shot based on its pretty awesome trailer but found it pretty disappointing in the end. It has some genuinely scary moments that are ultimately hampered by poor acting, amateurish staging and directing, and unimaginative plotting. The scare scenes are intense, effective and very well done, but the drama propelling the story is uninteresting and noticeably budget. Seems like much of the budget went to the special effects, which are truly terrific but the rest of the film looks so cheap that you're constantly being taken out of the movie and reminded that you're watching a movie. Lisa Marie (she of mid-to-late-90s Tim Burton mate and part-time actress infamy) remains an interesting but inaccessible screen presence.

Reviewed by f-rabit 1 / 10

Get out of here!

This movie sucks big time. It's awful in all it's extension. The actors are horrible...all of them. It seemed that they never acted before, but Larry Fessenden beats them all...in the worst possible way. Gosh! deplorable act ...and the possession part?! I couldn't believe my eyes...so bad! so bad! Althoug horror films not always have strong story lines, this is incredibly bad...it's all wrong. Doesn't make any sense. And the ghosts (were they really?)they seemed like a group of lost boys...almost felt sorry for them. And what about Monte Markham character? why did he shoot the bartender? W.T.F.? And the dialogues? Can't recall a movie with so poor lines to say. And the couple that later arrived at the house? they seemed so awkward, so unattached. Well, I can't understand why was this movie made! I can't stop shouting: so bad! so bad!

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