White Palace


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 6466


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James Spader as Max Baron
Susan Sarandon as Nora Baker
Kathy Bates as Rosemary
Jeremy Piven as Kahn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by efaa ([email protected]) 10 / 10

A beautiful love story, about a young man, and an older woman

The story is about a young man ( Yuppie)who falls in love with a woman who is 15 years his senior. A beautiful love story with lots of passion. They live in two totally different worlds. he's rich , she's poor.It doesn't work. So she moves to NYC But his love is so true an deep. So when he finds her they come back together. A perfectly happy end.

The reason why I watched this movie was because I'm truly one of the biggest Susan Sarandon fans. She shines absolutely beautiful in this movie.And James Spader has performed one of his bests roles ever. my favourite scene is when Nora (Susan) meets one of Max(James)'s Friends, Sherri.She asks Nora "you know our max is quite a catch. How Did you manage it?" and Nora says:"I give a good b***job I guess" Sherri : Hmmmmm.. I bet you do"and Nora answers: "And I bet you don't" You must see the look on Sherri's face

I think it's a great movie because normally hollywood is afraid of a love story about a young man and an older woman.There should be more of those movies because some people think it's strange when a older woman has a love relation with a much younger man. ( I've never thought it was strange and I'm only a fifteen year old girl) But most people find it absolutely normal when an old man has something with a much younger woman. So I think this movie is really important.

We can all learn something about it.

Reviewed by Lady-Lee 10 / 10


Wonderful romance and character study between two people who live on the opposite sides of the tracks.Two strong but stereotypical people pair up and evolve into very un-stereotypical unit and try to function in a hostile enviroment. The acting in the movie is so good it surpasses the diologue. The loss and love Spader communicates with just his eyes is a sight to behold and Sarandon projects a dichotomy of neediness and strength.

This movie contains one of the best endings in movie history, right up there with Green Card. A truly uplifting movie that conveys joy, hope, and victory. What more can a woman ask for? And James Spader is a hunk!!

Reviewed by triple8 9 / 10

Unlikely but hopeful romance

Having already commented on this one once, I had to comment again as I just watched it again for the umpeenth time. I had rated this about an 8, it's actually more like a 9 and one of my top 50 movies ever. I know everyone has a right to their opinion but this movie is so little known I truly hope at least one person reads some POSITVE reviews on here and gives it a shot.

I do NOT think Sarandon looked unattractive here as people have said but if she did, it really doesn't matter because the focus of the story has little to do with physical attractiveness. The theme here is love-and loving who YOU want to love versus who your friends, family and society wants you to. It's also about identity and about finding out that the person you truly are maybe quite different then who you always thought you were. The film brings to life the characters in the amazing book(I'd recommend the book version of this as well, it's even better then the film). Sarandon gives a luminous performance as Nora, she's the only actress I could ever see in the role anyway. The film is tragic, touching, gloriously acted and brings up some interesting issues of love and identity. I'm amazed this pic isn't better known, I agree very much with Ebert's review particularly(SPOILER)

The last scene that kind of does take credibility away fro the rest of the pic but then again-it maybe a little to Hollywood but the movie did (somewhat) follow the book's ending which was also positive although nowhere near the film's last scene.

I would recommend this to everyone particularly Sarandon fans, fans of the romance Genre, fans of Dramas in General or just people who like to dig up films that are kind of little known. Every time I see this I like it just a little bit more.

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