Willow Creek


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pesic-1 1 / 10

Cheap, unimaginative, and dull

I would have preferred a film about a couple being stalked in the woods by Bob Goldthwait himself.

This is total rubbish. The first half of the film is literally about nothing. We do learn a bit about the characters, but otherwise it's just filler. Also, nothing we learn about the characters ends up being relevant for the plot, which is another characteristic of bad writing.

The drawn-out sequence at the end is just lazy and unconvincing. It seems to copy other similar scenes from Bigfoot movies and the stuff we saw in Blair Witch Project. But it's just not intense and it is way too long. Again, one gets the impression this was done because the writer was lazy. Also, to save money. If half the film is just two people sitting in a tent, that tends to cut down on your expenses a lot.

I imagine Goldthwait was doing the silly noises himself, no need to get a team to do sound design.

As for the dialogue, it starts badly, and it doesn't improve. One gets the impression it was written ten minutes before they started shooting. There is nothing in the dialogue worth one's attention. Unbelievably bad writing. And as for the plot, it is crap. It copies the template established in other similar films, adds nothing new, and copies the clichés so brazenly that one almost has to think it's a joke.

Zero for effort. Don't watch this, even for free.

Reviewed by venusboys3 8 / 10

A Scary Tale Of Babes In The Woods

This really worked for me. I know the usual contingent is out with cries of, "Boring!" and "Worst movie I ever saw!"... but... whatever. They show up for everything short of Chainsaw Gynecologist IV. First off... if you don't like found footage movies, you won't like this. If you didn't like The Blair Witch Project or June 9, you won't like this. If you can't stand low budget movies that don't have loads of special FX and jump cuts... you definitely need to look elsewhere.

Willow Creek is a slow convincing build-up to a chaotic slap of weirdness. Everything leading up to that ending is atmosphere and getting to know the characters and ramping up the dread of what might happen to folks who wander out into the woods looking for monsters. There's a LONG scene in a tent with the characters becoming increasingly terrified... can you watch long scenes where not much happens? Do you have that sort of patience? If so you might like this movie as much as I did. Also, I'd say the real horror of the film doesn't sink in until after a few moments are taken to mull over the implications of what we see in those final moments. How they were foreshadowed early on. It's a creepy movie and I'm glad I watched it.

Reviewed by superqd 7 / 10

Well acted and very organic

I admit that I like found footage films, or, rather, I find that story telling device compelling. Assuming it's done well. To do it well, your film relies heavily on acting first, then editing, then sound They all work well here.

Too often, these sorts of films have actors who don't know what to say, or how to say it, as they are expected to improvise and aren't confident how to be "natural". In this film, the actors are brilliantly natural and their chemistry is superb. They are a very believable as a couple and as people.

The goal itself is interesting, as I have rarely watched a Bigfoot movie, so I found that part of the film at interesting spin. But really, the slow burn here is what really makes me like this movie.

As with other films in which the protagonist is a wannabe filmmaker, there are lots of establishing shots with the local townsfolk to talk up the legend, and to get a sense of what is to come. It's all done pretty realistically, and, again, the actors dialogue/exchanges with each other are especially convincing.

Again, this film is very much about the slow burn of tension. This is very much exemplified in a scene near the end that lasts nearly twenty minutes for one continuous shot. And it's not boring. At all. The actors are brilliant in the scene, as is the sound. It's a highly effective scene and you really begin to get into the same dread of what's next as the characters due to the immersive nature of the scene.

Overall, I really liked it. I think the director did a great job in choice/direction of actors, and the overall story was not over the top. It's a great example of how found-footage should be done.

Though, the film doesn't actually try to tell you it's found footage, it's just that the only point of view is the camera(s) used by the characters. But I'll assume someone found the footage in that fictional universe at some point.

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